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We Are Carteret County Criminal Defense Attorneys

A criminal conviction is one of the last legal ways that a prospective employer, educational institution, financial institution, or landlord can discriminate against you. A criminal conviction can be life-altering with permanent, far-reaching consequences. Safeguard your future and the future of your loved ones by hiring the seasoned Carteret County Criminal Defense Attorneys at Cummings & Kennedy.
Attorney at law

Joe Kennedy

Joe Kennedy continues to aggressively defend thousands of clients charged across a full range of crimes in Carteret County since leaving the District Attorney’s office for private practice in 2012. As a prosecutor, Joe was continuously exposed to the strategies and tactics of elders in the criminal defense bar while gaining valuable insight into the techniques, procedures, sources, and methods of seasoned members of state and local law enforcement agencies operating within Carteret County. During that time, Joe received concentrated training through the NC Department of Health and Human Services on the Intox EC/IR II (Intoximeter) and DWI Detection & Standardization Field Sobriety Testing as promulgated by the National Highway Transportation Administration (NHTSA). While working as a prosecutor, Joe also served on the adjunct faculty at Carteret Community College and taught Criminal and Constitutional Law. He currently serves on the College’s Board of Law and Technology. Joe received his BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from UNC Chapel Hill in 2000 while serving as Treasurer of the Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. He interned for (then) Congressman Richard Burr’s Washington, D.C. office, followed by work in Raleigh and Charlotte. Joe attended Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law and interned as a Civilian Summer Law Clerk at the Joint Law Center aboard Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, where he developed an appreciation for the unique legal issues facing men and women in uniform stationed near the Crystal Coast. In 2006, he graduated in the top 20% of his class, and was admitted to practice by the North Carolina State Bar. Joe is a member of the Carteret County Bar, District 3B Bar, N.C. Bar Association and North Carolina Advocates for Justice. He concentrates strictly in Criminal Defense, DWI and Traffic Law in order to provide his clients the maximum amount of attention and resources for the best possible outcome. His free time is spent hunting, fishing and boating with his wife Natalie and dogs Boone and Beans.

Joe Kennedy - Attorney at Law
Attorney at law

Martin “M.J.” Forrest

Martin “M.J.” Forrest is a graduate of North Carolina Central University School of Law. M.J. joined Cummings and Kennedy as an intern and paralegal in 2017 before becoming an attorney in 2019. Prior to his legal career, M.J. served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps as an Electronic Countermeasures Officer, flying the EA-6b Prowler. M.J. completed multiple deployments to Iraq, Afghanistan and Japan. Additionally, M.J. holds a Master of Science degree in Business Administration from Boston University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Lehigh University, as well as a Post Baccalaureate degree in Paralegal Technology from Carteret Community College, where he was the Graduate of the Year in 2015. M.J.’s legal experience includes being a State Bar Certified Paralegal, and a Judicial Intern for the Honorable Paul M. Quinn in North Carolina’s District 4. In his free time, M.J. enjoys hockey, lacrosse, watching baseball. He particularly enjoys boating and spending time with his daughter Shelby.

Director of Personnel, Marketing, Technology and Internship Programs

Bonnie Dubier

Bonnie Dubier is a native of upstate New York who is a North Carolina State Bar Certified Senior Paralegal and Notary Public. She is the Director of Personnel, Marketing, Technology and Internship Programs. Bonnie received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater and minor in Film Production with a concentration in Screenwriting from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2004. Prior to her legal career, Bonnie spent five years in Broadcast Television as a Senior Account Executive and Advertising Coordinator for ABC, FOX and CBS affiliates, later serving as President of a boutique marketing firm. She joined Cummings and Kennedy Law Firm in May of 2017 while completing her post-baccalaureate degree in Paralegal Technology with Honors as a member of National Society of Leadership and Success (Sigma Alpha Pi) and the National Honor Society at Carteret Community College. She manages all of the firm’s marketing, creative development, advertising, technology issues and integrations. Bonnie created and launched our internship program in the Spring of 2019 providing High School and College students with the opportunity to experience working in criminal law and learning under a curriculum and currently partners with Carteret County Schools and Carteret County Community College. In December of 2019 Bonnie completed her Master’s Degrees in Legal Studies from Pepperdine University’s Caruso School of Law and will complete her Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution in the Spring of 2020, with aspirations to pursue her Juris Doctorate. Bonnie enjoys her free time writing scripts, creating video content and travelling with her sons Austin and Noah, husband Jack and her dogs Kappy and Kopper.

Office Manager and Notary Public

Coletta Lindow

Coletta Lindow is a North Carolina State Bar Certified Paralegal who serves as our Office Manager and Notary Public. She is local to the area, having graduated from East Carteret High School in 2014. She received her Associates Degree in Paralegal Technology from Carteret Community College and now pursuing her Bachelors’ Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice at UNC Pembroke. She joined Cummings and Kennedy in October of 2017 and leads our team with financial management and performs as the firm liaison with the Carteret County Courthouse. Coletta enjoys working and talking with new people, boating, hanging out at the beach, shopping and spending time with her dog Stout.

Cummings & Kennedy Internship Program

Hunter Lane

NC State University Class of 2020

Hunter Lane - Cummings & Kennedy Intern
Cummings & Kennedy Internship Program

Chris Samojedny

Carteret County School’s Student Internship Ambassador Class of 2021

Cummings & Kennedy Internship Program

Cummings and Kennedy Law Firm’s internship program is designed to expose students to the legal field and the daily operations of a criminal defense firm. Due to the nature of our business, all interns must sign a confidentiality agreement. The program is open to high school and college students with specific and separate criteria. Through this program, students will learn and become proficient in the following:

Legal Software
Office Support Software
Navigate NC Courts Database
Define criminal law terms
Differences in area law enforcement branches
Scanning files for digital integration
Filing Motions
Preparing court calendars
Assisting Attorneys in the courtroom – courtroom procedure
Difference between Civil & Criminal
Structure of the U.S. Government (in action)
Legal Ethics
Difference between statutes and case law and how to read and interpret
Legal Marketing
Day in Court – Attending District Court with an attorney to experience courtroom procedure

Students will work under the attorneys and & NC State Bar Certified Paralegals who hold degrees from an ABA Approved Paralegal Technology Program. The supervisor is Bonnie Dubier, Director of Personnel, MLS & MDR Candidate. Resumes can be sent to bonnie@encattorneys.com.

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