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Have you been charged with a Misdemeanor in Carteret County North Carolina?

Many people assume that because a misdemeanor is less serious than a felon, so it does not deserve to be treated with hard-hitting and aggressive criminal defense. This is a mistake. Penalties for misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, but a misdemeanor conviction can affect your future. Being convicted of a misdemeanor convicted could affect you on a daily basis for the rest of your life, therefore you need to be aggressive in defending your future and fight to prevent the possibility of conviction.

Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Carteret County, North Carolina

When faced with a misdemeanor charge, consult with the legal team at Cummings and Kennedy as soon as possible. With over 17 years of legal experience, our criminal defense attorneys have proven to be true advocates for the rights of the accused. We exclusively focus on criminal defense cases, so we have an in-depth understanding of criminal law. This focus allows us to provide high-quality representation when it is needed most. Contact us as soon as possible because we know what you are facing with your misdemeanor charges, and we will fight for you.

Theft crimes could cause issues with future employment opportunities. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor for theft, employers may think you are not trustworthy. So, if you are facing a misdemeanor charge for theft, it is best to contact a criminal defense attorney.

Hunting violations can limit your right to hunt and fish. These violations can result in expensive fines, and even the temporary or permanent loss of your guns, trucks, or boats.

Bail Bond Hearing Lawyers Serving Carteret County, North Carolina

The criminal justice process is not a short one – it could take weeks or even months to resolve your case and get the bond that you deserve. It is important that you have an experienced Carteret County criminal defense attorney on your side to help you protect your best interests. A criminal defense attorney at Cummings & Kennedy will ensure that the arraignment and bond moves forward fairly and quickly.

At Cummings & Kennedy, we know the importance of a bail bond hearing and how much the results from the hearing will affect you. With extensive experience in criminal law, we know that every step of the criminal process deserves to be treated with care and we are fully devoted to providing our clients with high-quality assistance that can be counted on. Call us today to learn more about how we can help.

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Our Defense in the Courtroom

No matter where in Carteret County you are, if you have been found to be behaving in a manner that disturbs the peace, you could be facing criminal charges of disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct charges are considered a criminal offense, and they may result in severe consequences for the accused. If you are facing a disorderly conduct charge, it may be in your best interest to hire an attorney to defend your rights and to defend against unfair prosecution or unjust sentencing. Feel free to contact us if you’re curious what we can do for you — take note, we provide free initial consultations, so it doesn’t hurt to reach out.

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DMV hearings are complex and may prove confusing — which is why representation may be essential. We understand how important driving can prove to be for your work and personal life. We’ll work with your best interests in mind to strive to minimize the impact of an infraction or a DWI charge. At our firm, we know just how essential it is that we handle all DMV hearings with an experienced and delicate touch. Should you work with a Carteret County criminal defense lawyer from our legal team, you will be able to rest easier knowing that we have extensive experience in representing clients navigating through DMV hearings. Led by a team of a husband and wife, you will have two decades of aggregate attorney experience backing you up – no longer will you be facing your situation alone. Restoring your driver’s license is not a minor issue and you can trust that we will treat it with the gravity that this task deserves.

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If you have been accused of committing domestic violence, it is important that you realize the uphill battle that you will be facing. In many cases, a domestic violence charge can be made out of spite, jealousy or even in the attempt of the alleged victim to gain the upper hand in a pre-existing family lawsuit. The difficulty arises when one realizes that even if they wish to drop the charges, the alleged victim will often not be able to — and by that time, it will be up to the prosecutor in determining whether or not they would like to pursue formal charges.

At Cummings & Kennedy, we do our best to provide you with the support that you need to have your case turned over. However, we also realize that innocence is often not enough to protect your legal rights. You need to be confident that you have the representation of an experienced Carteret County criminal defense lawyer on your side who will help you to fight tooth and nail to defend your legal rights. We have over two decades of legal experience and have been proven as true advocates for the rights of the accused — call us today to learn more about our team of domestic violence lawyers and the services we can help you with! We offer free initial consultations, and we provide domestic violence defense services for individuals here in Carteret County, North Carolina.

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Common Reasons to Seek an Expungement

To secure job opportunities: Potential employers may access your criminal record to assess whether or not you’re a trustworthy candidate for the job you are applying for. That’s an unfortunate truth for those who have been charged, yet not convicted of a crime. Often, employers neglect to consider the fact that you were innocent of the charges held against you, even if your record reflects that a charge was dropped, or that you were ruled innocent of the crime of which you were accused. That may seem unfair, but it makes sense to many employers who are going through the hiring process.

Think about it like this: If you were hiring a new employee for a hypothetical company, and two candidates approached you with similar resumes — while one of the candidates had a criminal record that showed a criminal charge without a conviction, and the other had a clean record — who would you hire? To give yourself the best edge when you’re seeking employment, it can prove powerful to have a clean record.

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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving Carteret County

If you or a loved one are currently facing criminal charges of this nature, it might be tempting to simply deal with the law enforcement and case on your own – this, however, is a mistake! Your future will be on the line and it is important that you take the necessary steps towards properly defending it. Having to deal with a fake ID charge might seem minor, but having a revoked license and having that blemish on your record could prove an obstacle in your future.

To properly defend your rights, it is highly encouraged that you get the legal representation of an experienced Carteret County criminal defense lawyer from Cummings & Kennedy as soon as possible. With over twenty years of aggregate attorney experience, we know the laws. Someone from our legal team is in court almost every day – meaning that we are more than just book smart, we have experience. We have experience in handling trials and are prepared to put this valuable experience to work for you. These cases can also be tied into underage possession and could result in drinking tickets – these should not be taken lightly, so don’t wait! The sooner that we get involved, the faster that we will be able to begin laying the groundwork for your case. Call us today and schedule your free and private consultation regarding your case.

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Facing a Criminal Charge? Protect Your Rights.

In the moment that you’re being arrested, you can feel confused, overwhelmed, scared, angry and nervous. Emotions can run high, and there can be distress and disagreement with the charges, even the incident in its entirety. In cases where alcohol, drugs and/or age is involved, emotions and reactions can run even higher. It’s during these instances that we see individuals resisting arrest, making the situation worse.

If you’ve been accused of resisting arrest, you may be confused about your rights and concerned about the repercussions of a resisting arrest charge. An arrest is a frightening experience, and you may feel intimidated by officers, incarceration, and upcoming prosecution. A criminal defense attorney will work with you to minimize the impact of your situation, acting with your best interests in mind.

At Cummings & Kennedy Law, we have a team of criminal defense attorneys that takes the time to learn the circumstances and in depth facts of your case. By doing so our attorneys are able to approach your case with all of the knowledge and support needed to overturn any charges that may come your way. If you are currently dealing with a resist of arrest case, then you need a criminal defense attorney that can back you up. Trust the attorneys at Cummings & Kennedy to have your back. For aggressive protection against charges of resisting arrest, please do not hesitate to contact Cummings & Kennedy today! You can also learn more about resisting arrest charges by reading answers to our most frequently asked questions, which are listed below. If you have any further questions, or if you’d like to obtain a free initial consultation, simply give us a call.

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