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Traffic tickets in North Carolina may result in fines and you may be required to appear in court. Paying your traffic ticket is pleading guilty. At Cummings and Kennedy, we have years of experience handling all types of traffic violations. The best way to handle a traffic ticket is to contact a traffic attorney in the county where you received the ticket. In North Carolina, traffic tickets are issued for violations ranging from speeding to minor car accidents.

Speeding tickets can affect your automobile insurance rates and put points on your driver’s license. Paying your speeding ticket means you are pleading guilty to speeding, so contact a traffic attorney to find out your options.

  • How many points will go on my driver’s license for a moving violation?

    Points on your driver’s license vary depending on the type of violation.  Here are a few examples:

    • Speeding – 10mph and under – over the speed limit under 55mph: 1 point
    • Littering from a moving vehicle: 1 point
    • Failure to secure passenger under age 16: 2 points
    • Expired or no driver’s license: 3 points
    • Speeding – more than 10mph, 20 mph or less – speed limit of 55 mph: 3 points
    • Running a stop sign: 3 points
    • Running a red light: 3 points
    • Failure to report an accident: 3 points
    • No liability insurance: 3 points
    • Illegal passing: 4 points
    • Hit and run property damaged (misdemeanor): 4 points
    • Reckless driving (misdemeanor): 4 points
    • Passing a school bus: 5 points
  • How many points on my license will result in my license being suspended?

    In North Carolina, your license may be suspended if you receive 12 points or more within a three-year period.

  • Can I get a ticket for having tinted windows?

    In North Carolina, adding an after-factory window tint to your vehicle must meet the state specifications.  If your window tint exceeds these specifications, you may receive a ticket.

  • Why did I get a ticket for my car insurance?

    In North Carolina, it is required by law that vehicles must carry insurance for liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist.  If you are driving a vehicle that does not have the minimum coverage, you may receive a ticket. You may also receive a ticket if your insurance has lapsed or is not active.

  • Why did I get a ticket for expired registration?

    All vehicles in North Carolina are required to renew state registration yearly.  Renewing your registration requires paying a renewal fee and taxes.  Before you can renew your vehicle registration, your vehicle must pass a safety and/or emissions test.  Once this test is complete and reported to the state, you are eligible to renew your North Carolina vehicle registration.  Failure to renew your registration may result in fines and traffic tickets.

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