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Failure to Appear

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Defending Against Accusations of Failure to Appear

The criminal process has many different steps – there are deadlines and specific processes that must be completed on a specific timeline. In some instances, missing a deadline can result in subsequent charges and increased issues. For example, the term failure to appear, FIA, can be a charge to the defendant should it be determined that they failed to appear when summoned to the court.

This is typically considered an infraction and can result in the court issuing a bench warrant in the defendant’s name. Being accused of failing to appear can result in the defendant being required to post bail or could result in them being unable to be released at all until the trial has reached a resolution. This is inconvenient and can also make the criminal case itself much more difficult to deal with.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced North Carolina Criminal Attorney

At Cummings & Kennedy, we know how many difficulties can stem from a failure to appear – while we are sometimes able to represent you in court without you being present, this is not always the case. Should you choose to work with a Carteret county criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you will be able to rest easier knowing that you will have an experienced advocate on your side that is deeply committed to your case. We recognize that the criminal process can be confusing and for this reason, you can trust that we will be there to provide you with accessible and accurate advice. We will be there to support and guide you every step of the way so that you will avoid some of the most common mistakes – allowing you to move through the process as effectively and painlessly as possible.

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